Episode listEdit

1. Attack of the gasEdit

A single episode split into 3 parts on youtube. "The Doctor and Meryl arrive at a unit base and are arrested. They eventualy escape and are caught. The unit captain figures out who they are and apologises. When they are talking Meryl walks into a room but comes out infected with some red smoke. Will the Doctor stop the infection before it is too late?....

2. Not quite TenerifeEdit

When the Doctor and Gregory Wolf arrive in what they believe is Tenerife but suddenly find out that when they are arrested they are just round the corner from a massive unit base. The Doctor finds out about an evil villian called The Snowman and is asked to help unit catch him.

Will the Doctor succeed?....

3. League of unextraordinary snowmenEdit

After finding The Snowman the Doctor and unit begin a massive attack on the snowmans secret lair. But the snowman is prepared. He has a massive Ted Army. Will the Doctor and his friends all come back alive?...

4. The cyber trapEdit

When the Doctor and Greg land on pluto they find a scientist trying to blow up the planet. Just as the scientist is about to shoot the Doctor so he can't stop her a cyberman comes out of nowhere and kills her. Suddenly Greg goes missing. Will the Doctor get Greg back alive?....

5. The evolutionary rideEdit

6. 3 time lords and a snowmanEdit

7. The symbol of slaughterEdit

8. Shedded skinEdit

9. village of peaceEdit

10 (missing)Edit

11. TBAEdit

12. Soldiers of OmaciaEdit

13. Warriors of the cyberqueenEdit

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